Construction & Integration

We closely work alongside our clients to realize the best solutions in Construction & Integration. We have a team of experienced professionals & construction support companies who facilitate Pipe-Work, Metal-Work, Structural Fabrication, Instrumentation, Control Systems & Electrical Systems. Prior to & during the course of construction, the following are the activities which are carried out as per contract requirements:

  • Construction & Fabrication Procedures
  • Finalization of Safety Procedures
  • Inventory Management & Control
  • Welding Procedures Specifications & Procedure Qualification Records
  • Non-Destructive Testing Procedures
  • Approval of Construction Managers, Field Engineers, Welders, Fitters & NDT Personnel
  • Mechanical Completion Report
  • Instrumentation Calibration & Loop Interfacing
  • Electrical Cabling & Switchgear Connectivity
  • Data Acquisition & Control System Integration
  • Co-ordination & Interfacing with all Sub-contractors & Suppliers
Shivakumar S
Senior Project Manager

Mallikarjun Metri
Senior Engineer